Bring the Heat, Keep Your Cool.

Insulated and crafted from pure 18/8 stainless steel, Takeya insulated bottles keep your favorite drink ice cold for 24 hours, or steaming hot for up to 12.


All-Day Insulation

All-Day Insulation? No Sweat.

Our double-wall, vacuum insulated design ensures you’re the only one who will sweat. Completely condensation-free, our bottles keep cold cold for 24 hours+, so you can enjoy all-day, ice-cold refreshment... even when temperatures soar.

Go the Extra Mile

Built to Go the Extra Mile

First we doubled the powder coating for a sure grip and increased durability… and then we added a removable silicone bumper to our Active range to minimize the inevitable dents and dings of an active lifestyle. The bumper also allows for a quiet set-down, and helps your bottle stay secure in any oversize cup holder. Those days of rattling in the treadmill cup holder - they’re over.

Refill, Reuse, Refresh

Refill, Reuse, Refresh

Keep your cool over and over again. No more one-use cups, no more toxic plastics. We use only food grade, BPA-free, recyclable materials. Awesome. Guaranteed.

Best Lid Ever... Period

3 Reasons We're Better Than The Rest


Let it Flow

Our Insulated Spout Lid™ lets you sip, chug, or pour your refreshment without removing the entire lid. No more showering your shirt. Perfect for one-handed hydrating on the go! Our leak-proof lid is also insulated… to protect drink temperature even longer and keep lid sweat-free so you can stash it wherever – worry free!


Strong Yet Smooth

Carry it, clip it, or swing it by your side. The stainless-steel pin in our handle makes this lid nearly indestructible, and allows the comfortable wide handle to have a smooth swing action. The pin also enables our innovative Hinge-Lock™ – which locks the cap out of your way for access to your drink with no smacking back into your face. Now that’s refreshing.


Clean and Convenient

Our lid combines the convenience of a wide mouth (for ice and easy cleaning) with the drinkability of a narrow mouth (for less spills). Grippy silicone band allows for easy opening, even with sweaty hands. And the leak-proof twist cap protects your beverage from spilling out and germs from getting in.


What’s the Difference between Actives and Originals?

While both of our product lines are built to the same exacting standards, and both will refresh you throughout your busy day… our Actives line was designed for those who want to take it up a notch.

We took all the best features of our Originals – Best Lid Ever™, double-wall vacuum insulation, and durable powder coating – and added a few bells and whistles.

  • Insulation in lid – This helps keep your beverage cold (or hot) even longer, and prevents condensation from forming on the lid.
  • Expanded Colors – Sport a cool, monochromatic look from top to bottom…or purchase different colored components for a mix and match delight. Our Actives collection has a broad range of colors for you to go wild with.
  • Removable, Protective Silicone Bumper – Helps prevent dings & dents, lets you set your bottle or tumbler down quietly (great for yoga or when you’re in a meeting!), and holds the bottle secure in cup holders without rattling.

Originals or Actives?

Which bottle is right for You?

Double-wall, Vacuum Insulated X X
18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel X X
Durable Powder Coating X X
Spout Lid™ X X
Insulated Lid   X
Matching Lid color/Colored Lids   X
Removable, Protective Silicone Bumper   X

Actives Tumblers

Portable Refreshment

Takeya Insulated Tumblers keep your favorite drink ice cold or steaming hot for hours.

Same great double-wall, vacuum insulation means your drink stays the right temperature for hours, and won’t sweat in your hand or on your desk. The removable, protective silicone bumper allows for a quiet set-down and secure, rattle-free fit in cup holders. Soon to be your favorite cup. Don’t leave home without it!

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Portable Refreshment

Best Lid Ever. Take Two.

Our patent pending, leak-proof, Flip Lid™ seals closed to end spills. So you can shake, toss, or tip your Tumbler without losing a drop. Great for pre and post workout drinks, the Flip Lid ensures you can bring any drink on the go – hot or cold. The convenient Hinge-Lock™ locks the tab back, away from your face and won’t snap back while you’re drinking. The clear 100% BPA-free Tritan™ material is dishwasher safe and shatterproof..

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